Use Proper Lighting

When your room is too bright due to strong outdoor sunlight or harsh interior lighting, your eyes need to exert more energy to adjust and retain the adjustment. While bright lights can make it easier to see, the lighting in your room should only be half a strong as the lighting found in most office.

You can reduce the lightings in a few ways. Close the curtains or drop the blinds to reduce exterior light from entering the room. Position your screen such that windows are off to the side rather than in front of you or behind you.

Minimize Glares

Eye strain can be caused by having to squint due to glares, which can be on your screen or on your walls. Glares can be caused by improper lighting. If your'e still experiencing glares, try switching to a screen with a matte finish rather than a glossy finish. If your walls are too bright and reflective, consider painting them in a darker color with a matte finish.

Switch to LCD Displays

Nowadays, most consumers have switched over from CRT ( tube style monitors ) to LCD screens, which are flat-panel liquid crystal displays. LCD's increase your screen's refresh rate to minimize the noticeability of flickers and jitters. Also the bigger your display, the easier it will be to read.

Blink More

Blinking is an important bodily function that keeps the eyes moist, preventing them from drying out and causing irritation. When people sit in a computer or use electronic devices, they blink less frequently. During long periods of infrequent blinking, the moisture on the eyes evaporates quickly, leaing the eyes dry and rough. If you still experience dryness, ask your doctor to prescribe artificial tears to use all throughout the day.

Exercise Your Eyes

One of the major cause of eyestrain is focusing fatigue, which is when your eyes focus on an object for an exended period of time and subsequently grow tired.
To reduce the impact of focusing fatigue, look away from your computer screem at least every 20 minutes and focus on an object at least 20 feet away and keep looking at that distance at least 20 seconds.

Our eyes are very sensitive and important, so it would do us well to keep them healthy and prevent them from being fatigue. Treat your eyes with proper lighting, proper displays, and proper exercise. Over time, you will notice that your eyes are less bothersome and less irritable, llowing you to remain productive and free of eye-related frustrations.