Party Drugs

The term party (or club) drugs refers to a variety drugs found at dance clubs and house parties. The substance are typically produced in illegal laboratories, using a variety of chemicals. It is extremely difficult to to predict their strength, what their effects will be and whether they contain poisonous ingredients. Therefore these drugs can pose serious risks to young people’s health and safety. Drugs, such as Rohypnol, GHB, and Ketamine, have also been called “date rape drugs” because they have been used in situations of sexual assault. People can be sexually asaulted in this way by a stranger as well as someone that you know or are “dating”. The victim can be male or female. It can be secretely added to drinks because it is colourless, tasteless and odourless to sedate or intoxicate others especially girls. It becomes more dangerous when combined with alcohol.

Party Drugs such as “Fly High”, “Party” and “Superman” are a combination of Ecstasy, Shabu or Cialis formed into one drug, thereby worsening its harmful effects.

Side Effetcts:

party drugs cause acute awareness to emotions “a rush” with feelings of pleasure, increased energy and sensual awareness. Accompanying effects are:
- Carelessness
- Ignorance to danger
- Impaired judgment
- Loss of inhibition
- Lost sense of time
- Insomnia (3-4 days)
- Loss of appetite
- Hypersexuality

Cardiovasular, Nervous System and Respiratory distress. Death may result due to organ failure.

Just say NO !!!

Do not accept any drugs that may be offered to you by friends or acquaintances.

Do not accept free drinks from strangers or people you hardly know.

Do not allow yourself to be pressured into taking drugs even by close friends.

Drugs are deadly. Report such activities to the proper law-enforcement authorities.

Party Drugs, Ecstasy and Hallucinogens from PAD’s Parent & Community Handbook, 7th edition
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