Executive order 26 : Nationwide Smoking ban

Provisions and prohibited acts

-Smoking within enclosed public places and transportation vehicles.
-Selling or distributing tobacco at school, public playgrounds, and recreational facilities for minors, including those frequented by minors.
-Ordering or instructing a minor to use, light-up. buy, sell, distribute, deliver, advertise or promote tobacco products.
-Placing any form of tobacco advertisement outside the premises of point-of-sale retail establisments.
-Placing any stall, booth, and other displays concerning tobacco promotions to area outside the premises of point-of-sale location or adult only facilities.

Individuals caught violating the smoking ban will face fines ranging from P500 to P10,000 depending on the number of offenses.
Meanwhile, owners of establishments caught violating the smoking ban shall be fined P5,000 or imprisoned for not more than 30 days.

Need help to Quit Smoking ?
DOH offers “ DOH Quitline”
An individual may call 165-364 or text “stopsmoke” to 29290-165-364 for counseling, support, and programs to quit smoking.

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