Calamity Bag

What to include in your CALAMITY BAG ?

A calamity bag functions as a portable survival kit which is meant to help an individual or a family survive the next 72 hours after they evacuate their homes in case of a storm, an earthquake, and other kinds of disasters.

According to the NDRRMC, the emergency survival kit should contain the following:

- First aid kit (medicines for fever, diarrhea, wound, etc.)

- Special needs of children and older adults

- Flashlight, Candles and matches, Batteries, Whistle, Portable radio

- Drinking water in jugs, bottles, Ready to eat food (such as canned goods) that could last for two days

- Blanket, Clothes, Tissue, Sanitary supplies

- Money

- Important documents (birth certificate, marriage contract, land title). To minimize the things you need to put inside your calamity bag, make sure to scan personal documents such as medication lists, passports, birth certificates, and save them in a USB flash drive.

One may also place the inclusions in color-coded pouches: first aid kit, hygiene kit, emergency tools, escape kit, documents and money, and food and water kit. This is for you to easily identify where to look at when you need something from your calamity bag.

All theses items must be placed in a waterproof bag. And to complete your calamity bag, make sure to include your HMI CARD in it.

Always listen to news updates if there is a calamity or disaster expected to hit your area. And prepare yourself, family as well as your calamity bag.